I’m not a kid or teenager, can I try fencing to see what it’s like? What do I need to bring?

Apart from yourself bring a smile, wear a tracksuit, sweet pants or similar clothing which allows freedom of movement. Please note: no blue jeans or sandals. After that we will advise you on what else is needed if you take fencing seriously. We have basic equipment available until you decide that you want to get your own. Normally you make a decision after a first month.

I am an adult woman and suppose you have to fit to take part?

You don’t have to be particularly fit to start fencing as a recreation. It all depends on how you feel. You can start fencing at any age and soon reap the benefits: strengthening thighs, buttocks and stomach, reduced weight, eye-hand coordination and increased balance, physical agility and grace, while promoting cardiovascular fitness, increased confidence and self-esteem. A certain amount of dedication and commitment will be required but it’s worth it!

Are fencers always competitive?

No, although fencing is a sport that is highly competitive, many children and adults consider it only as a recreational way for fitness, visit practices once a week or so don’t take individual lessons and don’t go for tournaments. Performance fencers practice at least 3-4 times a week, take individual lessons on a regular basis and participate in competitions.

Is there any age limit for an adult to start fencing?

It’s never too late. Often thought of as an activity just for actors or performance athletes fencing is ideal for people of all ages. One of the wonderful things about fencing is that it is available to anyone. If you would like to find a new form of fitness activity with a bit of adrenaline then give us a call. You can go as far as you can in recreational fencing as a life long activity.

How many disciplines are in fencing?

The three modern competitive fencing disciplines are foil, epee and sabre. The ancestry of each of them can be traced to a related weapon that was developed and used for practice, dueling or combat. At Halton Blades we only focus on epee.

Is fencing an individual or a team sport?

Actually, it is a combination of both. In team events three-person teams compete each other, one fencer at a time. Generally speaking, fencing is regarded as more of an individual sport because in all events – team or individual – it’s one-on-one match. Team spirit, however, makes a difference and an athlete with no big individual result still can feature on a podium as a team member. Like in swimming or running relay for instance.

Who governs fencing?

In this country, fencing is governed by the Canadian Fencing Federation of which our club is a member trough Ontario Fencing Association. To compete in tournaments, fencers must be competitive members of the OFA and CFF, which provides regulations, classification, information, safety guidelines, and other pertinent information at the provincial and national levels.

Does your club provide insurance in respect of possible accidents sustained during a practice or competition or our own insurance is required?

The students have to initially obtain the OFA recreational membership which includes a basic insurance and third party liability coverage and later CFF competitive membership with insurance valid for provincial, national and international competitions. This is mandatory and will be at your own expense.

I saw few times practice sparrings at your club and still don’t understand how electric fencing works?

For electric scoring, a fencer needs an electric epee and a body cord. The electric epee also has a button and three wires. There is an open circuit set up by the system, which is closed when a touch is landed. One wire of the epee is hot, another wire is the return current, and the third wire is grounded, along with the bell guard. If the epee touches the opponent’s bell guard, nothing happens. When a touch is landed, the circuit is closed, a buzzer goes off, and a colored light lights up. There are no off-target hits in epee, so a point would be awarded. Also, fencers can score simultaneous touches in epee.

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