Membership Fees

Our regular season starts on August 1, 2017 and ends on July 31, 2018. Membership fees are required for all fencers who attend practices on a regular basis. An application form and liability waiver should be signed by adult club members or parents/guardians on behalf of minors.

One or first month – $150.00

Six months – $130.00/month

Twelve months – $120.00/month

Transition is allowed after the full month of the paid term expires. Club members may attend any number of practices according to the Club schedule. Membership is payable by postdated cheques written for the beginning of each quarter or credit card.

Family discount: 15% off the monthly membership fee for an additional club member from the same family.

Recruitment incentive: Bring someone new to the club and get 20% off your next quarter membership fee.

Refund policy: The club will not provide refunds for missed classes. The club may offer credit to a later month’s fee in unusual circumstances such as illness or serious family issues.

Lessons: It is the responsibility of the students (parents) to book a lesson online when required and receive it during the practice session. Requests for lessons should be made at least one day in advance and are generally on a first booked first served basis. Individual lessons are paid separately by credit card in the end of the month based on the number of lessons provided. Please see more details in Individual Lessons.

Equipment: All necessary equipment will be provided by the Club for the first month. A full uniform set and own electric gear iare required to continue practices after the first month. It includes a mask, jacket, breeches, glove, body plastron, bodywire, socks, electric épée. Fencing bag and fencing shoes are optional. Our authorized equipment supplier is Ideal Fencing Gear.

OFA membership: Recreational membership is a minimum requirement and must be paid directly to the OFA.