The goal of this course is to introduce the fundamentals of the sport to beginners from age 8 and up. No previous experience or knowledge of the sport is required. Students can enroll any time, however individual extra classes might be required to better blend newcomers into the group. Training includes games, conditioning, hand-eye coordination exercises, footwork and basic swordplay skills. Basic equipment is provided for novice children. Students should wear a t-shirt, sweat or track pants and athletic shoes. Blue jeans, shorts, street shoes or sandals are not allowed. If you would like more information please feel free to contact us.  Club members may attend any number of practices and group classes according to the schedule. Students are required to individually pay Ontario Fencing Association for annual ‘Foundation’ membership which provides a third party liability insurance coverage.

Youth Intermediate

The skills learned at the previous level will be further refined and expanded. Two hour practices at least twice a week involve a mixture of group lessons, sparring, individual instructions and electric bouting. The intensity and challenge of this level is significantly raised for those wishing to move further in the sport and interested in competitions. At this stage students are required to have their own fencing equipment: full set of uniform, electric weapons, mask,  bag etc for both their training comfort and personal hygiene reasons. The cost of this program consists of a monthly membership and number of individual lessons provided. Students wishing to participate in tournaments should upgrade their OFA membership to include the CFF license which allows to compete provincially, nationally and internationally.

Youth Competitive

Becoming a member of the HBFC competitive team is a challenge for both the athlete and the Club. This program will schedule extra practices for those who have a high level of commitment and attitude in sharpening their technical and tactical skills, becoming competitive and reaching strong result. An individual approach prevails in this program. Provincially and nationally rated coaches as well as high performance athletes are invited for master classes to work with dedicated athletes and share the secrets of the high performance fencing. Students will visit another fencing clubs in the GTA for extra sparring. We are open to everyone who fits this group and likes our environment. The cost of the program is also based on a monthly membership level and number of individual lessons.


We also call this program as a Duel Fitness Class. The core of this program is fun and physical activity with the purpose to introduce people to a new form of fitness and stress relieve through fencing exercises. This program is appropriate for all ages 16 and over with previous fencing experience or for someone who just wants to try a new sport. It is open to everyone who is looking for agility, coordination, balance and mental challenge. Improve your physical condition, get back into shape, develop new skills and make new friends. Adult fencers have to have their own electric gear and uniforms. The program cost is $225.00 for 2 hrs. weekly class paid in advance for 3 months. Drop-in visitors may attend with $15 floor fee. Instructions or private lessons are not included in this program and are arranged extra if required and agreed.

Unfortunately this program is not currently available, however the list of applicants is maintained.