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So, your kid wants to try fencing…

For many parents this is the time where you say: “Oh, my God! My kid wants to play with swords! What do I do now?”

Here are some points to calm your nerves:

Fencing is among the safest sports that your child could choose to take up. Injury rates are far lower than in any other sports such as hockey, football, baseball or soccer. Fencing teaches respect for others, independence, self-reliance, self-discipline, honesty and fair play. It is a fantastic form of exercise for body and mind as well as an entry into a community where kids are likely to find kindred souls and lifelong friends.

OK, feel any better now?

So if you are looking for a unique physical activity for your child, you already made first correct step and found our club. Our Introductory entries are formed on an on-going basis, we meet three times a week and you can pick up either day or two or three. Kids do physical exercises, fencing related games, learn basic footwork, movements and blade work. They will do target and pair drills and supervised bouting in a fun and friendly atmosphere. All basic fencing protection equipment is provided at this stage. Children will need a t-shirt, long sweat pants and athletic shoes. Water bottle is a good idea too.

We are always trying to accommodate a child, however it’s advisable to call or email us in advance. Please also note that your first observation class is free!

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