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Communication advice

The club is committed to policies and practices which are designed to maintain high ethical standards in the sport fencing community. We are also committed to policies which safeguard the interests and welfare of our club, its stuff and members.

We all love email. It’s much less intrusive than a phone call and faster than a letter. It may be your introduction to someone you never met before. E-communications tend to lead to a writing style much less formal than that normally used in paper documents. However, e-messages are just as permanent as paper documents and people will know you only by what you say and how well you say it.

Take your time putting together a well-thought message as its style says a lot about the writer. You should be aware of some basic e-mail correspondence etiquette, sometimes known as netiquette. Think twice to make sure your writing will not embarrass you later if published. Once you hit the button you won’t have another chance.

Use the appropriate degree of formality and courtesy. Minimize mystery and conspiracy, think carefully about the sense and whether your inquires, conclusions and statements are appropriate. Make sure that the message you send says who you are, where you are coming from and what your goal is. Introduce yourself and then it will be easy for us to read, understand and reply. We only talk to identified persons and this is part of our culture and the way we run the Club.