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The fencing lesson is a one-on-one encounter between the instructor and the fencer. Do individual lessons really make a difference?

The short answer is yes, however there are many factors to consider before committing to lessons.

Practicing in a group setting gives a feel of the sport literally in a month but doesn’t not create a skill set.  Individual lessons require effort, time, commitment, money and an idea of the desired outcome.  Therefore once you think about competitions or moving up at a much more rapid pace, lessons become a part of fencing training.  They are ultimate training experience, tailored to fine tune technique and maximize progress.

In a lesson, a fencer and coach can work on the tiny details of each technical element: from simple basics to specific moves and advanced combinations.  All elements executed in one-on-one lessons over and over again and again until they are a natural part of the student’s skill set.  One-on-one lessons provide time needed to break down and critique each movement and customize the training process to the individuality of the fencer.  Regular lessons incorporated in a training routine make a difference between being a recreational fencer and a performing one!

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