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The Halton Blades is a non-for-profit sport club dedicated to promoting the world’s oldest Olympic event. We encourage a healthy lifestyle through instruction, relentless practice and competitions. One of our goals is to expose the unique nature of fencing to a much greater range of people in the Halton area by giving them an opportunity to try it, and to raise awareness of fencing.

The club is registered with the Ontario Fencing Association and the Canadian Fencing Federation. We offer programs for beginners age nine through adults, as well as training under the instructions of qualified coaches for advanced fencers in épée. Our vision of fencing includes the promotion of both the competitive and leisure aspects of the sport to all ages and genders.

We provide an exciting environment for those with ambitious dreams while fully supporting the recreational fencers who are interested in pursuing fencing in a relaxed manner and want to play with the sword for fitness. They will find an enjoyable, low-pressure atmosphere, while the performance athletes will develop and improve their skills for local, provincial, national and international sport battles.

Please feel free to take a tour of our website where you can find out all about our club. You will also find a lot of information about the sport of fencing, which we hope you will find useful.

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